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Let us welcome you, the visitor of Majk Camaldolese Hermitage and Esterházy Mansion on behalf of the National Heritage Protection and Development Nonprofit Ltd., as well as the National Palace and the National Castle Programme.

In the framework of the National Palace and National Castle Programme, values ​​are preserved with lasting solutions. Not only do we consider the restoration of historic buildings extremely important, but also their rebirth; we aim at rehabilitating these buildings not only physically but also mentally.

The monument complex, which is regarded as a rarity throughout Europe, is now awaiting its visitors in its original splendour. Perhaps the legacy of the hermits of Majk is also the peculiar reverence that the centuries-old walls emanate and impact each visitor. Through the introduction of period interiors, interactive display elements, and the digital exhibition guide (Visual Guide), visitors can gain insight into the monks’ sequestered world, spent in silence.
Immerse yourself in the quietude of the hermits, and learn about their fascinating history, which also reveals the worldview of the Baroque era. Take a stroll among the herbs of the revived geometric garden, admire the grotto chapel’s fascinating murals, the recast bell of the truncated church tower, and pay a visit to the demonstration manufactories set up in the cell-houses.

Majk, a place of quiet, not only offers visitors cultural but also spiritual relaxation.

Have a pleasant cultural experience!

dr. Zsolt Virág 

The Ministerial Commissioner responsible for the implementation of the National Palace and National Castle Programme – Prime Minister’s Office

Tamás Glázer 

Managing director

National Heritage Protection and Development Nonprofit Ltd.

Széchenyi 2020