Playground house rules

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Playground House Rules


Spending time together in a culturally appropriate manner requires orderly behaviour, so we recommend that visitors to the playground observe the following guidelines:

  • The playground does not have set hours of operation, although it can only be used in bright light, during daytime hours. Visitors must leave the playground area when it gets dark.
  • Smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages, or using illegal substances is strictly prohibited throughout the playground.
  • Dogs and other animals are not permitted in the playground area for health reasons!
  • Children under the age of 10 can only use the playground if accompanied by an adult.
  • Parents and/or accompanying adults are responsible for safeguarding children’s physical integrity while on the playground; the playground operator takes no responsibility for this.
  • Everyone is accountable for the physical well-being of others during playground activities; in the case of minors, their family members or carers are the ones who take responsibility.
  • Visitors have a financial and maintenance responsibility for the playground’s proper use and protection, which is shared by everybody.
  • A video surveillance system is installed in the playground area.
  • Serious violators of the playground rules may face legal action and be barred from the playground.
  • Everyone may use the playground equipment at their own risk; the maintainer does not provide constant supervision. Irresponsible use of playground equipment may result in accidents!
  • The playground equipment in the playground has been designed to be used by children. In order to use it appropriately, please observe the age limits specified in the policy for each piece of playground equipment.
  • We kindly request that our visitors place their rubbish in the playground waste bins. Do not discard dirty nappies in the garbage; instead, take them home!
  • We politely ask that our visitors use the public drinking fountain as intended and sparingly.


Visitors to the playground accept the rules of this Policy with their presence.

The operator encourages playground visitors to have fun while following the guidelines of intended use.

The operator:

National Heritage Protection and Development Nonprofit Ltd. (NÖF)

Head office: 1113 Budapest, 3 Daróczi út

Mobile: +36 70 507 6191

E-mail address:

Common European emergency telephone number: 112

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