Visitor regulations

Kamalduli Remeteség, Majk



Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Majk Camaldolese Hermitage. Please read the policy below before purchasing a ticket and follow these House Rules when visiting the monument to ensure a pleasant and safe stay.

The monastery is a one-of-a-kind state-owned built monument. By purchasing an entrance ticket, guests agree to the contents of these House Rules.

To enter the exhibition area and use our services, you must have an entrance ticket, which will be inspected by our employees upon entry. The entrance ticket can be used for a one-time entry on the day of purchase, during opening hours. Please keep your ticket until the end of your visit.

Entrance tickets are final, non-refundable, and will not be exchanged for any other tickets. It is not possible to replace lost, destroyed, or damaged tickets.

The exhibition space, the temporary exhibitions, the monastery garden, and the events can be visited by everyone at their own risk.

Please keep your ID card on you at all times and present it at the ticket desk when purchasing a discounted ticket. Otherwise, we will not be able to issue a discounted entrance ticket.

CLOSING REGULATIONS: The monument closes at 6 p.m. Please, leave the premises by the closing time.

In order to protect artworks and equipment from damage, keep a safe distance of 30 centimetres between you and each work of art, draperies and wall surfaces. Please, do not touch any of the artwork, draperies, or wall surfaces.

FOOD, BEVERAGES, ANIMALS: It is forbidden to bring or consume food or drink in the exhibition halls. It is forbidden to bring live animals (except an assistance or guide dog with a valid certificate trained to assist a disabled person, for the proof of which, please keep the certificate with you), plants, weapons or weapon-like objects, piercing and cutting instruments, or any other objects or substances that may be harmful to life, personal safety, health, or the artefacts into the entire grounds of the monastery. (If medically justified, liquids may be taken in one bottle of up to 0.5 litres only.)

VEHICLES, MEANS OF TRANSPORT: Visitors are not permitted to enter the grounds of the monastery by car, truck, motorcycle, moped, motor scooter or any other means of transport not listed here (except for a vehicle carrying a person with reduced mobility, holding a permission). Visitors arriving by bicycle or scooter can place their bicycles and scooters in the bicycle storage located within the grounds of the monastery. Cycling is not allowed within the entire grounds of the monument complex.

PHOTOGRAPHY, FILMING: Visitors with any type of ticket are permitted to take photographs. You may use the photographs you have taken only for your own private and non-commercial purposes. Visitors are not permitted to take photographs or make audio or video recordings of the employees working on the entire grounds of the monument!

VISITING WITH YOUNG CHILDREN: We welcome young visitors at our facility. Please adhere to the following rules for your own and the monument’s safety: To protect artefacts and due to the narrow traffic routes, the use of pushchairs is not allowed. Pushchairs may not be taken into the exhibit area, even folded. Pushchairs should be left at the ticket desk. In the exhibition space, parents must either hold the hands of or carry children two years of age or younger. Baby carriers and baby slings should be worn exclusively on the front. To protect artwork, all other solutions (i.e. using a back carrier, or carrying your child on your shoulders) are forbidden. Children under the age of 14 may visit the monument only if accompanied and supervised by an adult.

GROUP AND FAMILY VISIT: It is the responsibility of the group leader, accompanying teacher, or parent to ensure that all members of their group comply with these Visitor Regulations. Compliance with these Visitor Regulations is the responsibility of the group leader in every eventuality. In the case of groups of children, it is the group leader’s obligation to ensure that an adequate number of adult attendants assist with the visit. The leader of the group is responsible for the safety and the conduct of the members of the group throughout the entire grounds of the monument.

WASHROOM USAGE GUIDELINES: Washrooms are strictly for the visitors of the mansion only.

MONASTIC GARDEN, FORECOURT: It is prohibited to climb on any of the sculptures or works of art (grotto, fountain, retaining wall, or fence) throughout the monument complex. It is prohibited to tread on flower beds, perennials, ground cover, and shrub surfaces, as well as to engage in activities on the lawn that cause disturbance to others (e.g. playing football, etc.).

It is prohibited to light a fire on the entire grounds of the monument complex.

SMOKING: Smoking, including the use of electronic cigarettes, is prohibited on the entire grounds of the monument complex. Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas.

SMOKING: Smoking, including the use of electronic cigarettes, is prohibited on the entire grounds of the monument complex. Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas.

EXTRAORDINARY EVENT: In the event of a fire, bomb alert, etc., visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of the employees and the security staff of the facility. If the fire brigade is called to the scene as a result of a visitor’s violation of the law or these House Rules, the person causing the damages (e.g. by smoking, causing of fire, or unjustified use of the fire alarm) must reimburse the monument for the related costs. 


When purchasing an entrance ticket, visitors enter the former monastery of the Camaldolese monks. We kindly ask that you adhere to the customary guidelines for behaving in a church.

  • Everyone is welcome to attend the monument and its programmes at their own risk.
  • Visitors under the influence of alcohol or illegal intoxicants, as well as those dressed inappropriately, are not permitted to enter the premises.
  • Please, upon entering the premises, turn down the volume of your mobile phone and do not disturb the silence of the monastery with a loud conversation.
  • Please also advise the children in your company that it is inappropriate to disturb the silence in the grounds of the monastery by shouting or playing tag.
  • Please help us to keep the environment clean. Waste must be disposed of only in dustbins.

Majk Camaldolese Hermitage reserves the right to deny entry to the institution to individuals and groups who do not follow these Visitor Regulations. A visitor who violates these Visitor Regulations, after warning, may be banned from the building for either a specified period of time or permanently, and may be subject to official proceedings. It is either the visitor or the person responsible for him/her who are liable for any damages resulting from the violation of these Visitor Regulations. If the violation of these Visitor Regulations is also a breach of the law, either the visitor or the person responsible for him/her shall be legally liable and shall be subject to any legal sanctions.


Széchenyi 2020